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We provide forwarding services for our customers in Poland and around the world since 2008. Our services include:

  • international air, sea, road and rail transports organization;
  • customs brokerage;
  • consulting;
  • storing and warehousing;
  • domestic distribution.

Experience and competence would be the two main words describing ASL in a nutshell. Our most prized asset, for our company and our customers, is our staff. ASL gathers specialists with over 20 years’ experience in air and sea freight as well as experts of road freight and customs.

Main assets:

  • We are open to your suggestions and needs whether dealing with current or potential clients we always listen and comply;
  • We treat each order individually;
  • Extensive knowledge of the domestic and international transport markets;
  • Extensive network of international agents and partners;
  • Trustworthy subcontractors operating the strictest norms of transportations.



  • Most of our employees work in ASL from the very beginning and strongly identify themselves with company mission.
  • Thanks to the devotion and dedication of motivated and talented people, ASL manages to expand and develop rapidly. We pay extra attention to the task at hand and it is our imperative to satisfy all requirements set by our customer.
  • We build our relations on trust, partnership and cooperation. That’s why we always get on well with our customers, agents and partners.