Tangerines from Valencia? Or maybe apples to Moscow?


Whatever it is ASL sp. z o.o. will advise, arrange and send the shipment according to all requirements. ASL’s experienced staff deal with such shipments on daily basis.

We guarantee packing supervision, choosing of the most optimal means of transport and preparation of full documentation for each shipment. Controlled temperature transports are conducted in specialized trucks, with print out option


You need to transport precious goods? Work of art? Jewelry?


We guarantee full supervision of you shipment, control over each stage of the delivery process and document preparation for you cargo.

ASL sp. z o.o. always does all there need to be done in order to safely deliver your shipment.


Monogrammed crystal whiteware from Austria?


If your shipments are fragile and precious, they need extra care and attention you should not worry. ASL sp. z o.o. is here to help.

Years of experience in forwarding trade allows us to prepare each transport process accordingly. We will advise on how to pack your shipment will find the best and safest connection to final receiver and arrange all formalities.

We can also insure the cargo for up to 110% of its worth if needed.