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We invite logistics agents and logistics operators from various countries for long-term cooperation.

As part of our partnership with ASL, we offer cooperation in a partner network supporting each other’s global transportation and customs services.

Operating as a Group, ASL provides transportation, warehousing and customs services. We offer partnership and dedicated service by experienced staff.

We are looking for Logistics Operators and Agents for permanent cooperation, in particular:

  • Functioning in Europe Baltic States, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary;

  • Operating out of Europe in the United States, Canada, the Far East; Central Asia and the Red Sea basin;

  • Conducting standard and non-standard air, sea, rail or road transport operations;

  • Having their own warehouses;

  • Operating customs in the region.

ASL Group, together with its partner network of Agents, offers global logistics solutions. We invite you to talk and cooperate with us!

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