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Pharma & Medical Devices

ASL Group is a group of experienced experts in developing and operating logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. 

ASL Group offers a comprehensive service for pharmaceutical and medical device logistics, ensuring precise traceability and strict product control for rapid product localization. Our fulfillment partners are selected in a way that is subject to rigorous quality control of the supply chain or the ability to maintain special conditions for storage and transportation of products. These are just some aspects of the international transportation of medicines or the carriage of medical and diagnostic equipment.

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The pharmaceutical and medical device market demands the highest quality solutions. That’s why, as part of ASL Group, we provide comprehensive solutions for the transportation of medical devices. ASL Freight and ASL Road specializes in the international logistics of all kinds of medical and diagnostic equipment, spare parts and consumables such as surgical products, protective masks and disposable gloves.

ASL Warehousig specializes in warehousing and fullfilment of equipment as well as some medical devices, including: co-packing, order fulfillment, labeling, quality control, etc. We offer warehousing services, including order management, e-commerce support and transportation organization. Request a quote today!

ASL experts will provide comprehensive advice:

  • They will prepare an optimal offer,
  • will provide support in the preparation of documentation,
  • will complete the order ensuring all safety standards,
  • comprehensively carry out customs handling.

Dedicated Customer Service in Polish will provide full support and execution of orders. Request a quote today!

ASL meets GPD standards. GPD, or Good Distribution Practice, is the safety rules for receiving, storing and organizing the distribution of medical and cosmetic products within the EU.