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Transportation logistics

ASL Group offers comprehensive transport logistics services by road, sea, air and rail. ASL experts will take care of the smooth flow of goods and commodities, as well as selecting the right mode of transportation and optimizing costs.

ASL experts comprehensively handle min:

  • Handling inquiries and taking forwarding orders;

  • Optimization of the offer and selection of appropriate means of transportation;

  • Packaging of goods and preparation of shipments;

  • Supervision of certification and shipping documentation;

  • Customs handling of goods and transportation;

  • Ensuring the smooth and safe delivery of goods to the end customer.

and implement other projects that require transportation planning.

ASL Group, together with its global network of Agents, organizes the transportation process in cooperation with an experienced network of Partners. ASL experts analyze and plan in detail the mode and means of transportation taking into account the time needed, technical and safety requirements and optimizing the cost. Professionalism and reliability are the result of years of experience of ASL Experts. They take care not only of the right kind of transportation or the guarantee of timely delivery, but also that customs procedures are carried out with due diligence.

ASL experts will provide comprehensive advice:

  • Planning and optimization of transportation means and will present solutions;

  • will prepare an optimal offer taking into account the specifics of the shipment, transport and customs handling;

  • will indicate the documentation necessary to prepare for the type of transport,

  • will prepare an insurance quote;

  • comprehensively carry out customs handling taking into account the need to transport through many countries;

  • will complete the order ensuring all safety standards within the indicated completion dates.

Dedicated Customer Service will provide full support and professional execution of orders. ASL experts perform transportation, warehousing and customs services as part of a comprehensive logistics service. They take care of timeliness, reliability, safety and efficient organization.