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Heavy industry & construction

Logistics solutions for heavy industry, construction or steel products require agile management and flexibility with project logistics.

ASL experts with many years of industry experience and extensive knowledge of supply chain processes in industry and construction offer comprehensive logistics solutions representing tailor-made logistics processes tailored to the customer’s needs and requirements indicated in the order.

ASL Group, as part of its global network, offers the services of experienced specialists in their field who are qualified to acquire the right infrastructure to support reliable supply chain operations. ASL experts specialize in transportation and customs handling:

  • Industrial machinery, installations and production line components,
  • construction materials;
  • raw materials and components for the manufacturing, construction and trade sectors,
  • Power tools and tools and industrial electronic components
  • Handling of oversized cargo, with unusual shapes or very heavy weight.

ASL experts carry out the activity as part of the transportation or project logistics service. They select the type of transportation that meets the requirements of the order, technical capabilities, and are able to provide immediate response when changes are necessary minimizing costs and optimizing transportation time.

ASL experts will provide comprehensive advice:

  • They will prepare an optimal offer,
  • will provide support in the preparation of documentation,
  • will complete the order ensuring all safety standards,
  • comprehensively carry out customs handling.

ASL meets safety standards for receiving, storing and organizing the transportation of construction machinery and equipment, construction materials, heavy industry logistics and construction.