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ASL Group offers logistics solutions for the chemical industry. Provides comprehensive services for the transportation of chemical and hazardous materials, especially international transportation.

ASL’s services primarily involve handling most types of chemical cargoes:

  • Transportation of solid chemical products, raw materials, intermediates and finished products;
  • transportation of alcoholic products;
  • Transportation of industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals and food chemicals;
  • Transportation of chemicals by road, rail, sea and air, along with customs handling;
  • Warehouse handling for secure goods.

ASL experts will provide comprehensive advice:

  • They will prepare an optimal offer,
  • will provide support in the preparation of documentation,
  • will complete the order ensuring all safety standards,
  • comprehensively carry out customs handling.

ASL Group offers logistics solutions for the chemical industry in accordance with standards on safety rules for organizing the transportation of chemicals and hazardous substances within the EU and in international transport in accordance with ADR, DGR, IMO regulations. ASL is certified to the international ISO standard.