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Rail Freight

Rail freight

Rail transportation is considered the most optimal mode of transport, being a good time solution while maintaining an attractive cost.

ASL Rail Freight is a full-service logistics consultancy and rail transportation solution. ASL Rail Freight, through a network of its own offices, agents and partners, delivers and picks up shipments around the world in a holistic service tailored to the customer’s needs.

ASL Rail Freight offers comprehensive rail freight services, including:

  • Organization of rail transportation with pickup and delivery to the destination by other means of transportation under a unified bill of lading;
  • Management of the necessary shipping documentation, including those related to the consolidation of general cargo shipments;
  • Customs service related to transportation;
  • Insurance of goods in transit;
  • Inspection of transported goods;
  • Handling services at the container terminal, phytosanitary and veterinary services;
  • Transitional storage in the warehouse of shipments or packaging of goods;
  • Organization of specialized equipment for loading and unloading, if necessary;
  • Transportation of single, general cargo, dedicated or consolidated cargo.

ASL Rail Freight experts will explain how:

  • looks like the process of rail transportation;
  • customs clearance in the import or export process takes place;
  • prepare the documents necessary for rail transportation;
  • pack the shipment and prepare it for containerization;
  • transshipment terminals operate in conjunction with road or sea transportation;

The advantages of rail transportation include a combination of relatively low transportation costs over long distances with attractive delivery times. It is also a good means of transportation for heavy tonnage shipments or bulk goods.

Rail freight transport includes such modes as:

  • FCL or LTL shipment transportation,
  • general cargo,
  • Transportation of goods with non-standard shapes or oversized,
  • Break bulk transportation including min. goods that by weight or size exceed the possibility of containerization,
  • industrial logistics and design.

Almost any type of goods can be transported by rail. In particular, the advantage of rail transport is transport of oversized goods, dangerous goods – in including batteries and electronics, explosives and flammables. It is also a very good means of transporting liquid or bulk goods. Normally palletization and containerization are used to transport shipments. Also used is transportation in tank cars or special wagons, and also on open platform.

Rail transportation offered by ASL Rail Freight is provided comprehensively with pickup from shipment location and delivery to terminal and pickup from terminal and delivery to designated address using other modes of transportation. In depending on the location of the place of shipment and the final recipient may additionally be used road or sea transport, which effectively reduce the cost. 

ASL Group as a logistics operator offers comprehensive solutions and supports the implementation of logistics activities also in case of unforeseen difficulties, such as bad weather conditions, the need to change the route. Working with agents and partners, it offers global solutions for the entire supply chain ensuring timely and on-time delivery according to needs and requirements.