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Jacek Siemaszko

Partner / Co-owner / Member of the Management Board

Customs agent with over thirty years of experience. Started with customs handling of air freight. He built customs agencies in TSL companies. He gained experience in companies such as Cantrans, Promexim, DSV and ABX.

He has been involved in legislative change projects relating to changes to systems caused by the entry into the EU Customs Code.

Jacek studied at the Warsaw University of Technology. He lives in Warsaw and enjoys competitive skiing and long walks with Stella, a little dog he adopted from the animal shelter.

At ASL Group, Jacek is responsible for all activities related to customs services and the development of services within the Group.

Jan Boratyński

Partner / Co-owner / Member of the Management Board

Freight forwarder with twenty-four years of experience. It specializes in import air transport. He has been gathering experience as a specialist in the field. transport in the largest TSL companies in Poland such as DSV….

Jan is a graduate of UKSW in Warsaw, majoring in sociology and journalism and social communication. His passions include programming, books and chess. He lives in Otwock and prefers a bicycle to a car.

At ASL Group, Jan is responsible for air transportation, overseeing technological development within the Group, the acquisition of logistics partners worldwide, financial issues, as well as overseeing the operation of ASL’s branch network and guiding the company’s strategy.

Adam Rutkiewicz

Partner / Co-owner / Board Member

Air export forwarder with nearly three decades of experience in the TSL industry. He gained experience in air freight and accompanying customs services at companies such as Air Cargo Poland, Universal Express, Promexim and ABX Logistics.

Adam is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics with a degree in Customs Policy. He lives in Warsaw and is passionate about motorcycle sports.

At ASL Group, he is responsible for marketing and coordinating cooperation with foreign partners.

Mariusz Rogowski

Partner / Co-owner / The Member of the Management Board

He has gained experience in the logistics industry through more than 30 years of work in reputable trading and forwarding companies. He gained knowledge and skills in managing logistics and customs-transport processes at companies such as Promexim, DSV and ABX Logistics. He is passionate about the logistics industry, focused on the efficiency of actions – the driving force behind the improvement of the company and its offer to customers.

Mariusz studied at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. His passions are gardening, fine literature, good film and theater, and he is also passionate about carpentry

At ASL Group, he is responsible for customer acquisition, warehousing services, air export, hiring employees, financial issues and guiding the company’s strategy.