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Customs services

Customs services

ASL Customs is a one-stop customs consultancy along with customs services in providing transport logistics and warehousing of goods in trade between the EU and third countries.  ASL Customs also offers customs services through a network of agents and partners around the world.

 ASL Customs in as part of the ASL Group operates in Poland as an independent customs agency AS Logistics Sp. from o.o.


ASL Customs offers comprehensive customs services such as:

  • Customs clearance of goods under release, export and transit procedures;

  • Customer representation on the Electronic Services Platform of the Customs and Fiscal Service – PUESC;

  • Assistance in obtaining EORI;

  • Assistance in becoming a registered REX exporter;

  • Submission of applications and appeals against decisions of customs and tax authorities via ePUAP;

  • Submit applications for border control of plant materials, food, animal goods or commercial quality control;

  • Handling of T2L, INF-3, ATA and TIR carnet documents;

  • Observice in the processes of legalization of EUR.1, A.TR movement certificates and
    certificates of origin;

  • Customs clearance of goods under special procedures: inward processing, outward processing
    and temporary clearance;

  • Customs handling of goods in the customs warehouse, including assistance with the procedure

  • By virtue of its authorizations, customs clearance of goods under simplified procedures, also
    using Art. 33a of the VAT Law.

ASL Customs offers fiscal clearance at ports min. air and sea outside Poland.

ASL Customs experts will be happy to advise and explain how such permits can streamline and facilitate customers’ trade in goods with foreign countries, including but not limited to:

  • Temporary storage of community goods not up to 90 days;
  • Customs warehousing in a warehouse without time limitation with the possibility of re-export of goods from the EU to a third country, transit procedures to other EU countries or release;
  • Remedial procedure in the customs warehouse – according to the opinion of the customs authority issued on the cleared goods;
  • Customs clearance in export, transit, release procedures including, with deferred VAT in accordance with Article.33a of the VAT Law;
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