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Our values

 At ASL Group, we are united by professionalism, a flexible approach and an irresistible desire to act. Changing

the world is changing is a source of excitement for us and a desire to participate in these changes.

We encourage our employees to take on challenges and support them in building a future – their own, the company’s and our clients’. That’s why the ASL Group is a place for people who share the same
values and visions, so highly valued by clients.

Our clients appreciate us for our agility, unflagging energy of action and courage in overcoming difficulties. Our skills, as well as our honesty and transparency, confirm our credibility.
Openness to development and new challenges are the basis for every team member. Everyone brings knowledge and experience – they are ASL Experts.

Together we are a whole, we speak with one voice and support our customers as ASL Group. 

We have created and continue to develop ASL offering a comprehensive answer to logistics and supply chain management needs, including but not limited to. freight forwarding and transportation in all modes, warehousing and fullfilment, customs agency services, temporary storage and bonded warehouse, full logistics outsourcing, strategic and operational consulting.

We support our customers within our business lines: ASL Freight, ASL Road, ASL Customs, ASL Warehousing, ASL Advisory, specialized in their competencies, yet fully compatible with the other lines.

As ASL Group, we provide our customers with customized solutions to optimize logistics processes and ensure continuity of business operations. The long-standing industry experience, business competence, entrepreneurship and decision-making of ASL’s Team of Experts and ASL’s Board of Directors support the flexibility of action and effectiveness of clients’ responses to changes in their business environment, and thus support the realization of their full business potential.