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ASL Group as a logistics operator offering comprehensive warehouse logistics and transportation logistics solutions. ASL’s experts offer property insurance for loss of or damage to property in road, sea, air, and rail transportation in both domestic and international transport as part of their assignments.

Cargo transportation insurance is particularly important in the event of damage to property in transit and also during handling or storage operations. Cargo insurance has certain exclusions of liability as standard. Typically, they relate to the characteristics of the cargo being transported, as well as risks relating to warfare, the risk of strikes, or transport delays not attributable to the carrier. An important aspect in transportation is insurance against theft or loss. Depending on the transport and the specifics of the goods and the customer’s needs, ASL Experts will provide analysis and propose solutions.

ASL Group, in addition to transportation, warehousing and customs services, offers a wide range of insurance, including, among others:

  • Conduct a risk analysis with risk identification and assessment,

  • They will inform about mandatory insurance and optional insurance;

  • Prepare an optimal offer especially for non-standard transportation;

  • Tailor insurance coverage to the specifics of the goods being transported;

  • Comprehensive transportation logistics including customs services;

And the implementation of transportation, warehousing and customs services, as well as comprehensive customs and logistics consulting.

ASL’s experts will make sure not only that the right kind of transportation is provided, but also that the item is properly insured. They will also make sure that proper customs procedures are followed.

ASL experts will provide comprehensive advice:

  • They will conduct a risk analysis and prepare an optimal offer taking into account the specifics of customs handling as well;

  • comprehensively carry out transportation and customs handling;

  • will complete the order ensuring all safety standards.

Dedicated Customer Service will provide full support and professional execution of orders. ASL’s experts, operating within a global network of Partners, will take care of control at every stage of transportation and are able to provide immediate response when changes are necessary minimizing costs and optimizing transportation time.