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Project management in logistics

At ASL, we have a keen understanding of how strategically important logistics and supply chain management are to our clients, their efficiency and effectiveness, and their ability to adapt to rapidly changing times. They are the ones that many times determine the achievement of business results at the expected level, the resilience of the business, the potential for its development and growth in the long term, or the possibility of achieving higher goals defined in relation to society and the environment.

We know that it is increasingly difficult for organizations to efficiently perform logistics functions and supply chain management in a VUCA, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. This needs the skillful use of experience and knowledge, a proactive attitude towards new opportunities, short decision paths, flexibility of thought and action… And this is what we have to offer. As a logistics partner, we help our clients grow and develop their business and mission in today’s complex world.

We have created and continue to develop ASL offering a comprehensive answer to logistics and supply chain management needs, including but not limited to. freight forwarding and transportation in all modes, warehousing and fullfilment, customs agency services, temporary storage and bonded warehouse, full logistics outsourcing, strategic and operational consulting.

We support our customers within our business lines: ASL Freight, ASL Road, ASL Customs, ASL Warehousing, ASL Advisory, specialized in their competencies, yet fully compatible with the other lines.

As ASL Group, we provide our customers with customized solutions to optimize logistics processes and ensure continuity of business operations. The long-standing industry experience, business competence, entrepreneurship and decision-making of ASL’s Team of Experts and ASL’s Board of Directors support the flexibility of action and effectiveness of clients’ responses to changes in their business environment, and thus support the realization of their full business potential.