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Transportation of perishable goods


ASL offers transportation of perishable goods. This mainly applies to raw  and processed food products, fruits and vegetables, plants and flowers, pharmaceuticals, some cosmetics, chemical products,  alcoholic articles and goods that are sensitive to temperatures and external conditions and contamination.

Transportation of goods that are sensitive to external conditions and delivery time is carried out at controlled temperatures and with appropriate protection from external factors using dedicated packaging and means of transportation.


ASL experts comprehensively handle:


  • Optimization of the offer and selection of appropriate means of transportation;

  • Packaging of goods and preparation of shipments;

  • Supervision of certification and shipping documentation;

  • Customs handling of goods and transportation;

  • Ensuring the smooth and safe delivery of goods to the end customer.

and carry out other projects that require transportation planning.

Dedicated Customer Service provides full support and professional execution of orders. ASL experts carry out transportation, warehousing and customs services as part of a comprehensive logistics service. They take care of timeliness, reliability, safety and efficient organization of the process. 

The transportation of perishable goods is regulated by the ATP Convention. It defines in detail the standards related to the transportation of food and perishable goods. It contains provisions for products requiring special transport conditions and details on the mode of transport itself.