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Transportation of hazardous materials

Goods or substances are considered dangerous when their biological, chemical or physical properties can be a threat to humans, animals and the environment. Accordingly, all transported goods must be categorized and, if classified as hazardous materials, are subject to specialized regulations.

Classification of materials, determination of the possibility of transport and the type of documentation to be prepared is based on international regulations and the country in question, depending on the means of transport used:

  • ADR Convention – transport of hazardous materials by road;
  • DGR regulations – air transportation of hazardous materials;
  • IMDG Code – Maritime transport of hazardous materials;
  • RID regulations – transport of hazardous materials by rail.

ASL experts will provide comprehensive advice:

  • will present options for transporting hazardous materials based on the documentation provided;
  • will prepare the most advantageous offer;
  • will inform about the sender’s obligations in connection with the implemented action;
  • will indicate the documentation necessary to prepare for the type of transport,
  • will ensure proper packing and, in special cases, provide instructions for securing loads;
  • will complete the order ensuring all safety standards,
  • comprehensively carry out customs handling.

ASL meets Security standards for receiving and arranging transportation substances and dangerous goods by land, air, sea and rail.