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Customs services

ASL Customs within the ASL Group offers comprehensive customs services, including, among others:

  • Assistance in assigning an EORI number;

  • Assisting with tariffs of goods, selecting correct customs codes, commodity classification and rules of origin of goods;

  • Submission of applications for sanitary inspection and veterinary inspection;

  • Providing advice on quantitative restrictions and import licensing, including embargoes and sanctions, as well as how to process excise products;

  • Providing information on transit deposits, port fees, taxes, border taxes;

  • Support in operating customs systems, completing customs declarations and Intrastat declarations;

  • support in the application process for Binding Tariff Information, Binding Origin Information, Binding Rate Information and Binding Excise Information;

  • Customs and logistics consulting;

and other transportation or warehouse logistics projects.

ASL experts will provide comprehensive advice and implementation:

  • will analyze the situation and propose optimal solutions;

  • will prepare an offer taking into account the specifics of the goods, transportation and customs handling;

  • They will advise on documentation, permits and certificates;

  • Comprehensively advise on customs solutions;

  • will propose insurance appropriate to your plans and needs.

Dedicated Customer Service will provide full support and professional execution of orders.