transport lotniczy 

We are your air freight experts

We specialize in providing the highest quality services to our clients. We cooperate with major airlines such as Emirates, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and LOT Polish Airlines. This cooperation combined with decades of industry experience gives us the ability to reach any airport in the world.

ASL provides a service that is optimally suited to the client’s needs. Thanks to a global network of agents, we provide door to door deliveries.

We offer best in class services:

  • air transport at controlled temperature of fresh goods and pharmaceuticals
  • consulting, packaging and organizing transport of hazardous materials DGR Dangerous Goods
  • packing, customs clearance and transportation of personal belongings/resettlement property
  • transport of oversize cargo
  • charter cruises
  • packaging and freight forwarding services

Our operational office and customs agency are located in close proximity to Chopin Airport in Warsaw.