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At ASL, we have a keen understanding of how strategically important logistics and supply chain management are to our clients, their efficiency and effectiveness, and their ability to adapt to rapidly changing times. They are the ones that many times determine the achievement of business results at the expected level, the resilience of the business, the potential for its development and growth in the long term, or the possibility of achieving higher goals defined in relation to society and the environment.

We know that it is increasingly difficult for organizations to efficiently perform logistics functions and supply chain management in a VUCA, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. This needs the skillful use of experience and knowledge, a proactive attitude towards new opportunities, short decision paths, flexibility of thought and action… And this is what we have to offer. As a logistics partner, we help our clients grow and develop their business and mission in today’s complex world.

ASL Sea Freight offers comprehensive sea freight services, including:

  • Container sea freight FCL and LCL with pick-up and delivery to the destination by other means of transport under a unified bill of lading;
  • Customs service related to transportation;
  • Insurance of goods in transit;
  • Management of necessary shipping documentation, including those related to consolidation of general cargo shipments and port handling;
  • Inspection of transported goods;
  • Provide port services, phytosanitary and veterinary services;
  • Transitional storage in the warehouse of shipments or packaging of goods, including at controlled temperatures;
  • Securing and packing shipments for ocean transportation;
  • Consolidation for general cargo shipments and containerization;
  • Transportation of single, general cargo, dedicated or consolidated cargo.

Sea Freight offered by ASL Sea Freight is provided comprehensively with pickup from the shipper’s site and delivery to the port, and pickup from the port and delivery to the designated address using other modes of transportation. Depending on the location of the place of shipment and the final consignee, road or rail transportation may additionally be used, effectively reducing the cost. 

ASL, as a logistics operator, offers comprehensive solutions and supports the implementation of logistics activities also in case of unforeseen difficulties, such as bad weather conditions, the need to change the route. Working with agents and partners, it offers global solutions for the entire supply chain ensuring timely and on-time delivery according to needs and requirements.