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Logistics of cosmetics and detergents

Logistics of cosmetics and detergents is a global transportation of components for production, as well as an international logistics network that carries out the distribution of ready-made products. Pharmaceutical and medical device logistics service is primarily a specified transportation with the ability to fully control the delivery process.

ASL’s global partners provide service under strict quality control during transportation and maintenance of the indicated product storage conditions.

Feel free to contact our experts who:

  • They will analyze the client’s needs;

  • They will prepare a quotation and select the appropriate means of transportation;

  • They will provide packaging of goods and preparation of shipments;

  • They will provide oversight of certification and shipping documentation;

  • They will propose customs solutions and prepare the relevant documentation;

  • They will complete the order ensuring all safety standards.

Dedicated Customer Service will provide full support and execution of orders.

ASL specializes in transporting cosmetics, detergents, medical equipment and some medical devices. It also offers a wide range of warehousing and VAS services. ASL meets GPD standards. GPD, or Good Distribution Practice, is the safety rules for receiving, storing and organizing the distribution of medical and cosmetic products within the EU.

ASL Group is a group of experienced experts in developing and operating logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.